Francobollo - kinky lola  Music video 2016

Make-up design and application.


Sky Atlantic Westworld promo - London

Bald cap application - 2016


Horror short - Cards (short). Sculpted, moulded, and ran silicone Prop kidney.  2016

Teddy Bears Picnic 2017 (short) - Director Thomas Hodge

Make-up FX 2017

His House (2019) - Remi Weekes  Mould making, silicone running and seaming as well as painting of bodies

Asparagus Tips 2018 (short) - Sam Bailey Sculpted, moulded and ran silicone fingertips.

Sacrilege 2019 - David Creed

Assistant Mould Technician

The North Water 2019 - Director Andrew Haigh

I was the Silicone Fabrication supervisor and stand in whale Fabricator and mould maker.  I Also went on set as the key Creature fx technician as well as set dressing.